Friday, May 31, 2013

Miami comes to Nashville!!

A few weeks ago, I was thrilled to get the news that my longtime friend, the 2 time Grammy nominated Elsten Torres was on tour & going to make a stop in Nashville....Ive known Elsten for several years now, we met in the Miami music scene, co-wrote songs, acted in a musical tv pilot together (whole other story, haha!) etc etc...

So it was a pleasant surprise to reconnect after sometime in my new home & I was honored that he invited me to join him in singing the single off his latest album "Waiting for Clouds" in the Nashville show *video below :)

Loved catching up with this good friend, excellent artist, overall awesome human being, be sure to check out his music & buy his new album & if he's ever in your town, go see his show!!

     Rehearsal for the duet 

      Singing "Closer Tonight" @ 3rd & Lindsley

Friday, May 17, 2013

GSC Show

I hadn't found a chance to post some pics from this show until now! Had a fabulous time @ Rooster's, playing a few of my tunes with some great musicians on stage...Big thanks to Global Songwriter's Connection for the invite

Friday, March 29, 2013


Hard at work, rehearsing for Global Songwriting Connection's "Rockin' the Rooster" Latin show April 3rd 9pm (123rd 12th Ave N), can't wait Nashville!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Chocolate & Valentine Feeling

It feels soooo good to be back, posting a new song! After a year of working on some other projects- I'm back to sharing my ultimate passion, music!!!

This song- Chocolate & Valentine feeling- was born on a snowy day in Nashville, TN-I hope you all enjoy this musica in the spirit of Valentine's day & love :)-Gio

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Eat St, Yayo's, & Music :)

Friday 11/11/11 was an exciting day for my family- our business Yayo's OMG (see the previous blog for more details) was filmed for an episode on Season 3 of the hit Cooking Channel show Eat St! The taping was done in the heart of Music Row on 18th Ave S in front of the offices of a great non-profit organization Conexion Americas...I was busy behind the scenes taking pictures & video of it all as the people of Nashville (including Mayor Karl Dean) came out to support Yayo's tv debut, and it was totally unexpected but the director decided he wanted to film me singing for the show as well!

videoSo with my percussionist Billy Ramirez we put on an impromptu performance on the sidewalk and even got the crowd dancing a bit, haha :)

It was a cool expereince, and I will keep you all posted on when this show will be airing, sometime early next year- it was great to be a part of this with my parents, and I appreciate all the new friends we've made in Nashville who have supported us unconditionally in this new venture!

 Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving with your loved ones, and a beautiful start to the holiday season xoxo

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A foodie project-Yayo's OMG!!!

Logo created by: Leti Bergen
For this blog, I'm going to veer off the musical topics, & tell you about another major passion of mine=FOOD & about the new business I started in Nashville with my dad!! That's right, I'm a self proclaimed foodie, love to try out all kinds of different cuisines and dishes, baking is an experience that gives me great joy =)!! But anyway- this passion for food is one of the many things I inherited from my dad-other than fanaticism for soccer, reading, & writing-but yes, my daddy-Chef Yayo is a culinary artist & lover of food (especially the food from his native Mexico) who can whip up just about anything in a matter of minutes and make an amazing dish!

So, when I moved out here to Nashville with my mom & sis to continue to work on my music career-my dad had to stay back in Florida because he and my uncle- Celebrity Chef ZeCarlos Jimenez were embarking on a new venture by opening up the Gourmet Mexican Mobile Food Truck- The Mexzican Gourmet

We have always been an extremely close family and the separation was really hard for us, so we tried to think of ways for my dad to be able to relocate to Nashville, and seeing that Nashville was beginning to open up to the Food Truck experience- I suggested to my dad that we should expand the food truck/catering biz by opening our own truck here in Music City!!

After a few months of planning, my dad and I became partners in this venture, he's the Chef & creative culinary boss & in my free time not doing music, I'm involved in the design, social media, branding aspect of the business :) We opened up in late June- Yayo's OMG! (my dad is Yayo & OMG stands for Original Mexican Gourmet) Mobile Food Truck & Catering Services- is a state of the art kitchen on wheels serving up "Vintage Mexican Cuisine w/ a modern twist to the beautiful people of Music City!

The locations of where the truck serves changes daily for lunch & dinner, and followers keep updated by the daily posts on Facebook & Twitter (would love it if you could click on the previous FB & Twitter links to follow & support Yayo's)
Having only been 5 months in operation, Yayo's already has a growing base of fabulous customers, Our "Legend Taco" was chosen as one of the Top 12 dishes of Nash Food Trucks in the Nashville Business Journal, & on Friday November 11th- Yayo's will be filming it's tv debut for Cooking Channel/Food Network's popular show Eat St!!

So whenever you're in the Nashville area, please be sure to look up & try out Yayo's OMG!- I might be bias when I say I believe it has the BEST Mexican food in town- but you will have to try it for yourself and see :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Live on the Green (opening for Los Lonely Boys)

Well I'm happy to be blogging again, been keeping busy and hadn't had a chance to write a new post, but now I'm excited to write about the event I had the pleasure of being a part of last Thursday-Live on the Green!!! This is a concert series that happens in front of the courthouse in downtown Nashville and draws huge crowds of music lovers....The headliner for the night was Los Lonely Boys- the group of brothers that plays Texican rock n' roll- and I was invited to be a part of the opening act, as a guest performer with the local band Rumba....Got there early to do sound check,wind was blowing and it was super cold (especially for this Floridian girl) but I was pumped and ready for the show!!!

While waiting for the show to start, I got to escape the cold a bit and hang out backstage on one of the Lonely Boys tour buses-extremely cool for me because I've been dreaming about being on my own tour bus for a long time, different city every night, getting to go on stage and sharing my music= so I'm thinking this is a sign of what my future home will look like =)

Anyway, once showtime came, there were tons of people in the crowd, the vibe was great, and it's always such a blessing to get up on a stage and get to have that one on one moment with the audience-yes-music is pure bliss!!

Hopefully I can get some video of this performance posted on Youtube soon-and some new music uploaded to share with you all-thank you for continuing to stay with me on this musical journey, I always love to hear from all you beautiful people who I've come across over the years- you're an inspiration in music & in life............